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    Hi! I'm Traci. I'm a nursing student and CNA who loves quilting, knitting, cross stitch, and the great outdoors. In my pre-scrubs life, I owned Real Photography, and you can still see my old wedding and portrait photography site here .

    I've created a map that shows links to our camping/hiking/general family fun review posts that you can find here. It's pretty much the coolest thing on this site. Thanks, Google!

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Monthly Archives: March 2011

finished: mardi gras quilt

Remember the quilt back that went from pretty stack of fabric to hideous “I-can’t-possibly-use-this?”  Well, it wasn’t really the fabric’s fault.  The strips looked fine, they just didn’t look okay with the print I was using.  I realized that the section I had pieced didn’t need to be a total loss, though–that it just needed […]

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pajama pants for will

The other night Nic complained that Will never seems to have any clean pajama pants.  This is because I recently noticed that most of Will’s pajama pants come to just below his knee, and so while putting away laundry I’ve been tossing the worst of the outgrown pajama bottoms into the closet (a shrine to […]

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innocent crush charm pack giveaway

Time for a giveaway!  I’m celebrating three things today: (1) finishing the vacation video/slideshow that I’ve spent weeks on, (2) the almost end of March [my least favorite month–winter is just too long], and (3) according to google reader I am just 5 people shy of having 200 blog followers!  So it’s time to giveaway […]

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thanks, nic!

When I was little, I liked to eat waffles frozen.  They tasted better to me than when they were warm.  A few years ago when Will was in full day preschool, we were usually dashing out the door right at 8:30, and one day, realizing I hadn’t given him breakfast but he was going to […]

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friday at dinner

ellie (as always): “whassdat?!” me: “peas” ellie: “whadyousay?” I looked at Nic, eyes wide, waiting for him to confirm that our 14 month old just said “what did you say?” He nodded. (For months we’ve joke about Will’s ever present “what you say to me?” replies and apparently Ellie has decided that “what did you […]

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