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  • Welcome to my blog!

    Hi! I'm Traci. I'm a nursing student and CNA who loves quilting, knitting, cross stitch, and the great outdoors. In my pre-scrubs life, I owned Real Photography, and you can still see my old wedding and portrait photography site here .

    I've created a map that shows links to our camping/hiking/general family fun review posts that you can find here. It's pretty much the coolest thing on this site. Thanks, Google!

    I great big puffy heart *love* comments, so please let me know you visited! I try to always reply!

a little break

I’m going to take a little internet break this week.  Feeling a little down, so I’m going to unplug for a while.  🙂  Here’s a peek at my apron for my spice up the kitchen swap partner.

A.J. Dub - I hear ya! That was me last week. Still a little this week to actually. Your swap stuff is really cute! Love the mixer and the trim on the apron is fab!
Feel better soon!

Lindsay - That mixer applique is the cutest little thing!

Katie - This looks great. I love the mix of linen and patchwork and lace and the kitchen-aid mixer is awesome.

Kati - The apron is so cute. Have a good week away. I agree that sometimes you need a break from everything around here.

Laurie - That apron is one of the cutest things that I have ever seen!

Kristie at OCD - Crazy cute apron!!! I want that! Might even cook 😉

Have fun unwinding…it is good to take a mini-break from life now and then, even if you stay at home!

Chris - I just found your blog and LOVE your projects! So colorful and creative. This mixer applique is adorable. I also really like the lacey trims you used. The color in your projects just pop so nicely! Thanks for sharing and I hope your break isn’t too long 😉

Chris - I just left a comment but I think it disappeared! Anyway, I found your blog and love it. Especially the color and creativity to your projects! Make your break a short one because I can’t wait to see more 🙂

Kelly Miller - I didn’t know you had a blog (until I linked to it from Melissa’s) or were a photographer!! That’s awesome! No wonder you had such good pictures of Edna 😉 I feel like we are almost the same person – LOL! Just wish I would have found this sooner for the sherbet pips giveaway!

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