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    Hi! I'm Traci. I'm a nursing student and CNA who loves quilting, knitting, cross stitch, and the great outdoors. In my pre-scrubs life, I owned Real Photography, and you can still see my old wedding and portrait photography site here .

    I've created a map that shows links to our camping/hiking/general family fun review posts that you can find here. It's pretty much the coolest thing on this site. Thanks, Google!

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Quiet Book Sew-Along is On!

A couple of people commented that they were up for a Quiet Book Sew Along, so that’s good enough for me–we are on! The plan: complete a Quiet Book (for a Christmas present if you like) before October 1st.  This should allow for a relaxed pace, but still free up all of October for Halloween […]

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Quiet Book Ideas for Toddlers

Stupid internet.  The very LAST thing I need in this life is another sewing project to start, but I was innocently doing a little mindless blog surfing and saw this quiet book from The Empty Bobbin last week   I had a quiet book when I was little, and Ellie loved playing with it while […]

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pajama pants for will

The other night Nic complained that Will never seems to have any clean pajama pants.  This is because I recently noticed that most of Will’s pajama pants come to just below his knee, and so while putting away laundry I’ve been tossing the worst of the outgrown pajama bottoms into the closet (a shrine to […]

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brown bear brown bear quick quilt

Will’s preschool class made their own Brown Bear, Brown Bear book this fall, so when we were at a fabric shop a few months ago and Will saw this fabric, he wanted it desperately.  I bought it and planned on working to sew it up in a way that would still be a bit modern, […]

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stroller quilt finished

April 2015 Update: I’m getting lots of questions right now about the blocks and fabric I used. Unfortunately this was a quilt from four years ago so I don’t remember the details, but looking at the stroller blanket I’d made previously that I based this quilt on, the blocks are 8″ finished.  They are based […]

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