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    Hi! I'm Traci. I'm a nursing student and CNA who loves quilting, knitting, cross stitch, and the great outdoors. In my pre-scrubs life, I owned Real Photography, and you can still see my old wedding and portrait photography site here .

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wip: sherbet pips quilt, blocks 1-12

On Sunday I knocked out a couple more blocks and decided that it was time to see them together.  I’m a little disappointed.  I’m not really sure why–I love the blocks individually, and I really liked seeing the first half dozen together…but I was underwhelmed when I put them up on my makeshift design board.  […]

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WIP: sherbet pips quilt blocks 6, 7 and 8

On Friday Will got to use the sewing machine for the first time.  He got to operate the foot pedal and then sew the scrap I use as a lead/follow piece to conserve thread.  This quilt is super exciting to me–I love the way it’s coming together. The number one question I’m asked is how […]

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At this time yesterday I was sitting at the bottom of the stairs, listening to the 911 dispatcher , holding a towel to the cut on my husband’s head as he lay unconscious on the floor.  Both kids had woken up to the sound of me screaming Nic’s name, trying to wake him up, running […]

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wip: sherbet pips quilt blocks 4 and 5

Can I just say that I love having two?  They played in the play room so long this morning that I got two more blocks done before lunch! I am going to be good and finish up the last apron and Christmas gift (yes–I still have one Christmas gift to go) but these are SOOOOO […]

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WIP: sherbet pips quilt

Last night after everyone went to sleep I spent some quality time downstairs with hulu plus and my sherbet pips stack! After I made the second block (the doggie one below) I went back to redo the first block.  I wasn’t a big fan of it when I finished it, and I realized I wanted […]

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merry christmas to me!

I was stalking the UPS man pretty hard core yesterday, because I was expecting my very own SHERBET PIPS!!!!! I got a fat quarter pack and a layer cake because I knew I wouldn’t be able to cut into one without having the other.  (And a PS to Moda–fabric is hard enough to cut into […]

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