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children at play border print dress

I fell in love with the Children at Play border print, but until I saw this dress tutorial at Little Blue Boo I wasn’t sure how I’d use it.

I’m way proud of the way I was able to make the repeat match up perfectly:

Since the summer is ending, I decided to make this in a 2T for next summer, but put Ellie in it to model it–I figure it will be cute to do a before and after.

The tutorial is super well written and the whole process is very easy–the hardest part is the gathering (I loathe this step and pretty much suck at it).  I’ve already got plans to make another one in a different print, though, so it can’t be TOO awful!  The only changes I made were to serge the back seams and use a rolled hem.

I wanted to take a few more shots, but Miss Elsie let me know that it was potty time.  Sometimes she signs potty, sometimes she shouts “PEEEEEE!” and sometimes she goes with a less subtle approach.  😛

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a new Quiet Book post!  It’s already written and scheduled so it is so on.  😛

Alli - Your dress is super cute! I wish I had a little girl to make one for — my niece is a little too young, yet. Thanks for pointing out the tutorial! 🙂

Susanne - That dress is SO cute. And the dress on Ellie, how do you even stand it? I might have to check out the tutorial!

Kristie at OCD - Beautiful! What a great use of this print!

Jessica - That might be THE perfect toddler dress. And I might have to copy you exactly 🙂

Victoria Paige - This is adorable! it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And so it her potty look. Hilarious. It’s funny to think my daughter will soon be that old and doing funny little things like that, too. It happens too fast.

angelina - so beautiful xxx

Susan Phillips - I love the fabric, and you did an amazing job of matching up the repeat perfectly. Plus, you have a cute little model, so what’s not to like?

Jaime - Gorgeous!!! I’m making this pattern this week. 🙂

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