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Cinderella Disneybounding at the Movies

The Cinderella movie came out this week and Ellie and I thought it was the perfect excuse for a little Disneybound outfit fun.  Ellie and I were in disagreement over who she should go as.  She wanted to go as an ugly stepsister (?!).  I felt strongly that at least one of us should go as Cinderella and if I went as Cinderella and my daughter as an ugly stepsister…well, serious eyebrows.

I was really hopeful that the Kohls Cinderella collection would make this a no-sew Disneybound, but I was really disappointed in the quality of the clothing and decided we’d just have to figure it out ourselves.  Ellie and I came to a compromise on the whole ugly stepsister thing, and she agreed to go as CinderEllie in Rags.  I went back and forth on Lady Tremaine or the Fairy Godmother and after looking at what I had onhand I went with the Fairy Godmother.  A simple pink bow and I was done.

I made Ellie’s outfit in a record 3 hours from the portabello pixie claire dress pattern–the only thing that was ready when we got home from church today was the prewashed fabric, but it hadn’t even been ironed and the pattern templates hadn’t been made!  For her kerchief I used the fabric I had left from her apron, cut it into a square, used the rolled hem on the serger, and then sewed ribbons onto two corners so we could tie it at the nape of her neck since it wasn’t enough fabric to tie itself.  As I was working on the dress I had the studio door open and a bird flew in.  I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection immediately, but I’m sorry to say it did take me a while to realize that of COURSE a bird flew in when I was working on a Cinderella dress!  It was there to help!


These dresses will hang around for a while, ready for our next Disney trip.  I will be on the look-out for a cute wand pin or necklace and probably a lighter blue or pink dress to really bring home my Fairy Godmother ensemble!


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