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don’t get excited

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  This isn’t going to inspire anyone, but I put this quilt together for Will’s kindergarten teacher.  Sashed with red and backed with a navy, it’s got pictures drawn by each of the members of her class.  Of course I imagine a kindergarten teacher wants more kid art like she wants a hole in the head (Nic, the son of a second grade teacher and therefore a believer that the only thing you should ever give a teacher is a gift card, said when I showed this to him “at least it folds up small”), but my thought is that everyone can always use a blanket, even if they only bring it out for picnics.  😛

For anyone taking on a project like this, I would recommend becoming completely in charge of the project so you can make sure high quality fabrics are used and that the marker colors coordinate with the fabric you have in mind.  My original plan had to be adjusted–a couple of ideas that I think would blend easier into a teacher’s home would be to have the kids decorate the center of what would become modern log cabin blocks or use 5″ squares and create a patchwork quilt with just a few art squares and a lot of fabric squares.  I actually plan on doing the latter soon with Will’s drawings–he’s been excited about the thought of a quilt with only HIS drawings.

Also, yes, my kid really is a stand out cutie in a sea of blurry heads.  ;P

Moogie - It’s really nice, and I KNOW she will absolutely adore it. But That Nic sure is funny!

Jennifer - Beautiful! I can only imagine how hard it would be to work with other people on something like that. Phew!

Loving that kid in the front row with his flip flop twisted up like that! Only childhood…

Lynette - This is AWESOME. There is no way she didn’t just love it immensely. 🙂

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