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Quiet Book Ideas for Toddlers

Stupid internet.  The very LAST thing I need in this life is another sewing project to start, but I was innocently doing a little mindless blog surfing and saw this quiet book from The Empty Bobbin last week   I had a quiet book when I was little, and Ellie loved playing with it while we were in Seattle, but somehow my brain didn’t feel that I had to make one until I saw this page:

I ordered the Piece & Quiet pattern as recommended, and it arrived this weekend.  Before you also run to order it, I’m not thrilled with it.  There are no diagrams for the construction–all instructions are words only.  This annoys me to no end.  I, having had “read through all instructions before you begin” beaten into me by standardized testing in elementary schools, want to read through an entire pattern and visualize how it’s going to go before I start in.  But if there aren’t any pictures, I have a realllllly hard time visualizing the steps.  I don’t want to be blindly sewing sentence by sentence, hoping for the best.  But we’ll see how it goes.  Maybe once I get going it won’t make me crazy.  Maybe I’ll find some pictures of the step-by-step stuff on the internet and feel better.   That would be awesome.  (Although now that I’ve said that I feel morally obligated to contribute such photos if there aren’t any already.)

Anyhoo…I’m obsessed with coming up with quiet book activity page ideas.  I’ve got a bunch that I’ve been brainstorming on my own, but have found a whole host of incredibly cute ideas out there and have started a pinterest board dedicated to such great quiet book page ideas.   If you know of some that I’m missing, link me up in the comments!

I’m planning on making two quiet books–one for Ellie and then a different sort of book for Will, and having those ready for Christmas presents.  Anyone interested in an unstructured sew-along for quiet books?

Susanne - Um HECK YES!!!!!!!

[…..because I need another project tooooo)

Kat - That would be fabulous. I would love ideas for quiet books. I agree that patterns without any pictures are highly annoying. I just need one picture to see how it will look and can easily go from there.

Amanda - I also don’t really need another project, but these books look great and would be wonderful for my little girls while they are learning to sit still in church!

A sew-along would help keep me motivated…so, I’d join in!

ang - this looks wonderful!!!!
mama wants a quiet book too…x

Traci - Sweet! I’ll post some plans for the sew along tomorrow (Tues)!

Jennifer - Oh such a good idea. I would love to do this too (don’t need a new project but if it is for Christmas…) 🙂


Debbie McGarry - I don’t have a website. I don’t really like using the internet that much. But I would be interested in receiving ideas for busy books. I designed my 3 grandsons books a couple years ago, and now I am ready to do 2 for my granddaughters. I would be glad to share a few of my ideas too. I just need to know how to share them, and to sent pictures. I’m looking for good girl ideas.

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