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sweetest boy in the world

Last night I got home from my consult just after Nic had finished tucking Will into bed.  I opened his door and peered in and Will sat up in bed with the biggest smile and joyfully exclaimed “It’s YOU!  You’re home!” 

I went in to snuggle with him and he asked if he could snuggle with me in my bed if he rubbed my back.  Okay!

So we go into my room and he rubs my back and then asks if he can brush my hair.  Okay!

He brushes my hair, sweetly chattering away, gently arranging it until it is just so.  He tells me that when he grows up he’s going to have a hair cutting place and he’ll drive me there so he can give me hair styles.  And it won’t cost me anything.  And only the spikey hairstyles will be expensive, not the ones that aren’t spikey, because just the spikey hairstyles will be expensive because that’s fair.  And he’ll have a spot for makeup, too, and he’ll give me purple stuff for my eyes and pink chapstick and I can take it with me because he’ll have a door where he keeps lots more.

And he’s also going to be a farmer and he’s going to make a lot of money.  I tell him that money isn’t the important thing and we don’t need money because we already have everything we need, but he says he wants to make lots of money that way Ellie can be a shopper when she grows up if she wants. 

In Will’s telling of the future his version is just so precious.  It involves all of us living together, but Will growing up and getting a job and Ellie growing up and having lots of babies.  He’s so excited for Ellie to have babies because they are going to be really cute and he’s going to put them in a stroller and take them for walks and tickle them so that everyone says “what cute babies!” 

He finishes my hair and sends me into Nic because I look “so pretty.”  I show Nic my hair and then run back to tell Will that we better be quiet and go to sleep before we get into trouble. 

Here’s what I love:  Will.  Here’s what I want never to happen:  for him to grow up.

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