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to make his mommy smile

So I know you’re here for the fabric pictures not gratuitous stories about my wee ones, but seriously, this has to be blogged.  I had totally forgotten about it, but was downloading a memory card today and found these pictures and my heart went all melty.

As we were putting away Christmas ornaments the day after New Year’s, I broke the gingerbread man ornament Will had made me in preschool two years ago.  (Okay, I seriously doubt one-month-shy-of-three year old Will made this, so let’s just say ‘his preschool teachers made it and wrote his name on it.’)  Still, it was precious, and I was bummed.

About ten minutes later Will asked me for his scissors.  I got them for him.  And then a few more minutes later he brought me this and said “you don’t have to be sad.  I made you a new ornament!”  Check it out–he even put the ’08 on there and stabbed it through the head with an extra ornament hook!!!!

And here’s the prize for listening to my gushing momma story:  a giveaway of my scraps bag from the Sherbet Pips quilt.  It would be the perfect thing to get you started on a string quilt or pillowcase or potholders.  If you’re hoping to fussy cut some girls in a tree swing out of it, I’ll warn you now: I pillaged those layer cake pieces, so you can get the girl, and you can get the tree, but you won’t find them on the same scrap.  You will find plenty of puppies and skiers, though!  To enter this ever so glamorous ‘win my sloppy seconds’ giveaway, just leave a comment below.  (Preference will of course be given to comments that gush appropriately over my most precious boy.)  😛  Just kidding.  (Fine print–sorry international folks, I’m cheap and hate the Post Office, so this is a US only giveaway.)

A.J. Dub - I love the look on his face. So sure of himself, with a hint of my ornament rocks! And it does. I got just a wee bit teary reading that. So sweet. It is wonderful how thoughtful kids can be and how often they surprise us with it.

Becky - Isn’t it amazing how they always come through when we need a lift? So precious!
beckymac1 at hotmail dot com

Alli - That’s such a sweet story! I hope my son does stuff like that when he gets older… 🙂

Staci - That is a sweet story & a memory you’ll always treasure.
Fun giveaway!

kate - awww:) that is super sweet! must be a special mama raising him!

tracy_a - What a sweet little guy! I have an ornament like that too – and just know it will break someday – but <3 it! And a fun giveaway – organized and color-coordinated scraps – yippee!

Jacey - It’s sweet that he wanted to make up for the broken ornament. I think at that age, I wouldn’t have really understood what such an object meant to my mother. He looks very wise in the above photo. 😉

Thanks for sharing your scraps. I can’t wait to see the finished quilt!

Cara @ Me? A Mom? - Awww, what a sweet boy and story. I love it. (Great giveaway!)

Shannon - What a sweet boy! Been trying to make more time for sewing (in between raising two kids, a husband and nursing school!) and would love something to motivate me to make that time! I just found your blog and am loving all the inspiration!

Jessica - too cute and you have such a sweet little boy!

Louisa - What a sweet boy! I love the new ornament he made almost as much as his thoughtfulness.

Bea - That’s adorable. Love his expression in the photo!

Beth - Such a sweet smile to go with his new ornament!

Melanie - So sweet. They care so much about the pictures they make, don’t they? I have four kids…you would not believe my collection!:)
Thank you for the giveaway…I have been hoping for some pips at some point.

Lynn - Too sweet…I love it when kids notice their mama’s have feelings too!

I would seriously love some Sherbert Pips!

Nancy - What a little sensitive sweetheart – he loves his mommy 🙂 If you hadn’t broken the ornament you would have missed out on this sweet gesture!

Susie - I hope you turned that thing over and properly gave it an ’11 date! And P.S. I love your sneaky snail in that last post, you’re too cute.

Kelly - Dear Will- You remind me so much of my Chase… only he’s 20 and all grown up now. But he’s always had a soft spot and could never bear to see his mama sad either. 🙂 Be sweet to your mom, ok? And make sure you tell her that Kelly in Nebraska would be sure to put those scraps to VERY good use. 🙂

Lori - Aww, this made my day. I know that melty feeling you’re talking about. I’ve got a one-month old, and this is exactly how she makes me feel when we snuggle. 🙂 Tell Will two thumbs up for his awesome gingerbread man! Is there anything sweeter to a mom than our babies’ compassionate hearts and creativity?

P.S. I love your snail!!

Marilyn W - Good lookin’ kid.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Would love to win your scraps.


Erin - maybe it’s a boy thing – I think it’s so much melty-er when those things are coming out of a “mini-man”. Seems like those times are more fleeting since one day they will turn into real men.

Meaghan - You’ve obviously raised him right – what a sweetie! I love stories like this! 🙂

Teresa Felgueiras - I still remember when my daughter did that kind if thing.Our heart just melts.

Charise Randell - Kids do the sweetest things. Tks for sharing your story and your scraps!

Riain - Wow, what a sweet kid. And I think that new ornament is even more awesome. 🙂

Btw, the blocks for your sherbert pips quilt are fantastic. How inspiring.

cathy - Oh what a great story. I don’t think you ever can tell too many sweet stories about your kids. This one should go in your diary. And you don’t need to give me anything for listening, but I would love to win it. 🙂

Angela d. - What a great kid! Thanks for the story and the giveaway!

Brooke - I%20love%20it!%20What%20a%20sweet%20little%20boy%20you%20have.%20He’s%20obviously%20been%20well-taught%20if%20he%20thought%20of%20a%20way%20to%20make%20you%20feel%20better!


H2Ogirl - This is precious. .you got a start to a great man there. Thanks for sharing.

Julia Wylie - What a sweet little man you have! :o) I love both of the ornaments…..

Would love to grab your scrap bag!! Could use some new inspiration!

Jennifer R. - Oh makes me weepy. Your little one is so cute and thoughtful. I remember when my little boy did sweet things like that…sniff…sniff. Of course my little one is seventeen now and anything Mom/parent related is not cool.

Betsy - Children can be so receptive and creative about making the people they care about feel better. I absolutely love little stories like this. Thanks for sharing!!

Kait - I’m not a mom but that is a very melty story indeed 🙂 I was admiring your Pip quilt earlier today and those scraps look wonderful! I’d love to use them.

Lindsay - Lucky momma! Pretty scraps…

Melissa - What a sweetie. I love the look on his face, like he’s SO proud of himself, knowing he just scored mega points with Mom. :o)
I hope you have a great weekend!

Jennifer - What a sweetie! I love how little kids do the cutest things. : ). My little man is only 21 months but he already is being sweet, I hope it continues like your son has! Thanks for the chance at those awesome scraps.

robin - So sweet that he made you a replacement ornament! I’d love your scraps. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win them.

Beth Moore - He’s adorable!!! And that is one awesome giveaway! =)

Holly u - What a sweet thing to do! May he keep that creative , generous impulse always.

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