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    Hi! I'm Traci. I'm a nursing student and CNA who loves quilting, knitting, cross stitch, and the great outdoors. In my pre-scrubs life, I owned Real Photography, and you can still see my old wedding and portrait photography site here .

    I've created a map that shows links to our camping/hiking/general family fun review posts that you can find here. It's pretty much the coolest thing on this site. Thanks, Google!

    I great big puffy heart *love* comments, so please let me know you visited! I try to always reply!

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Chasm Lake Hiking Trail Review

Chasm Lake is a Rocky Mountain National Park destination that gets lots of acclaim, but at 8.4 miles, it is deservedly called a difficult hike. I was hesitant to attempt it in its entirety with the kids, so we planned a backpacking trip with a two night stay at Goblins Forest which knocked 2.4 miles […]

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Denny Creek Waterslides | Snoqualmie, WA

When I read about the Denny Creek waterslides I was all “How did my mother not take me to this?!”  A natural waterpark an hour away from our house?  How had I never tried this?  When I got there I realized that oh, a bunch of slippery granite and unpredictable you-can-drown-in-it water?  THAT is how […]

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Mirror Lake Hike | Snoqualmie Pass

While we were visiting my sister-in-law and brother-in-law at their house at Snoqualmie Pass, we were able to go on a couple of hikes.  I asked Erik for something that was  3-4 miles with a beautiful lake.  He nailed it with this Mirror Lake hike! Pros:  Everything about the hike is beautiful, even the dirt […]

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That time Will and I drove to Estes Park and back

Labor Day weekend did not go as planned.  It was supposed to be a glorious backpacking trip to end our summer, and I’d made the Rocky Mountain National Park reservations months in advance and was so proud of myself.  I packed us all up.  And then we had a family meltdown that ended up with […]

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Dinosaur Ridge

We visited Dinosaur Ridge and nearby Triceratops Trail last 4th of July weekend and it was amazing.  While neither of these are really ‘hikes,’ they are Super Educational and Awesome Walks well worth checking out with your kids. Dinosaur Ridge is a two mile out-and-back paved former road.  It was a ROAD until they realized […]

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