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giant children at play dollhouse pillow

I’m sitting at the kitchen table looking out at a foggy misty CHILLY morning, with Kindergarten Orientation on the calendar for today and wondering where the summer went!  It’s making me feel like I need to dash off and finish my ‘late summer’ quilt before fall is here in earnest!  But for those cozy winter days, Ellie has a new pillow to cozy up with…

It’s based off this dollhouse pillow with a structural change–instead of having the exterior of the house roll up, mine folds over to the reverse side and attaches to the buttons.  Knowing that the front cover will receive more abuse, I used fusible web to give the raw applique a little more strength, so my front cover is a little bit bulkier.

The kitchen fridge opens to reveal its contents and a little lightbulb.  🙂

I based the doll off the doll in the Children at Play fabric–right down to the detail on her lapel. Her hair is a little helmet-y, though–I have been considering giving her longer hair, even though that will stray from the illustration!

I finished it off last night and snuck it outside this morning for pictures while the kids had a morning snack with a movie.  Then I brought it in to give to pajama-ed and morning haired Ellie (it was 7am–it’s okay!).

She was completely enamored with the doll and immediately began babying it.

I opened up the interior of the house for her, and she began checking out all of the flaps and curtains.

After checking things out, she settled into its pillow function, sucking on the doll’s shoes, and finishing up their movie.

Will has requested one with a cake in the fridge, but I think I’ll try to talk him into a Quillow instead–I think that will get more years of use by my easily-influenced-by-his-peers-on-what-is-allowed-for-boys little guy, or I’ll have to try to ‘boy’ it up by making it a monster house!

Kristy - Hopeful Threads - Oh my goodness!!! This turned out sooooooo sweet! Great work! And I love how your precious girl is loving it! Nothing makes your sewing more worthwhile! Thanks for sharing!!!

Jessica - Stinkin cute! This is the perfect project for that children at play fabric. I love it!

Susanne - I can’t believe it’s almost fall, too. Just THINKING about Kindergarten really just makes me want to cry.

I adore that pillow. All of those little details are so beautiful and so full of love!! What a blessed baby to have a mama like you!!! : D

Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts - That is completely adorable. And I love all the pics that show how appreciated your wonderful gift was. Super cute all around.

Rachel - SUPER cute! What if you did a garage/workshop type thing for a boy?

Jennifer Can Quilt - there’s a fine line on giving the boys “boy stuff” and straight up teaching gender roles. i never know what to do!

i think a monster house sounds fun; so many things you could do. an under the bed area?

felicity - I admit that I read this post title as being about very large children. Heh.

Anyhoo, what a terrific creation – I absolutely adore that scribbly applique stitch and what you did with it here is inspired. And the cuteness quotient was upped significantly by your adorable kiddo and the wonderful photos.

Alli - That’s awesome! I love the kitchen and especially the fridge. It’s so sweet how Ellie snuggled up to it!

Sherry - Beautiful job! I need to make two of these for Christmas. Thank you for the inspiration!

Vanilla - I absolutely ADORE this pillow!!! You chose such beautiful fabrics and all the little openings and appliques are super cute. Thanks for inspiring me!!!

Shannon @ A Mom's Year - Oh my goodness! This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It must feel wonderful to be able to create something so amazing. Truly fantastic idea.

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Kim - So, funny story – I’ve been admiring this blog for a long time (since I discovered your quiet book post) AND I’ve been a fan of your photography for YEARS. Then I come back to this blog to get reinspired to work on a quiet book for my daughter and find out that both sites are yours!

I love your work (both your photography and crafts) – thanks for sharing 🙂

Elizabeth - I saw this on Sarah Jane’s blog, and I am so enamored! The details are so wonderful. This will be a treasure for your daughter forever.

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