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nothin into nothin, carry the nothin

While I made several cute things this fall I lost a memory card in early December and so I’m missing pictures of a bunch of the cute things.  (And probably of my kids, too, but I’m trying not to think about that.)  Luckily, one of my favorite projects DID get photographed and those photographs DID make it onto my computer and so I present to you without further ado the box I made my sister for Christmas:

target cross stitch box firefly serenity jayne

I modified this cross stitch pattern to make Jayne a little shorter so he’d fit.  (The title of this blog post of course referring to one of Jayne’s best moments in Firefly.)   A couple of things in this project made me a little crazy, like the actual painting of the box (I disassembled it before painting it and used masking tape and it STILL had the nerve to come out imperfect) or how the “shiny” didn’t end up being centered event though it totally was when I did the original math or how when I went to put it all back together I discovered that the hinge was on the LEFT of Jayne instead of at the top.  But the beauty of making something for your sister is that you know she’ll see the love and not the flaws!

target cross stitch box

The box is from Target, in their craft aisle (though some locations are regularly sold out, you can get them online).  I used a full 6 strands of regular embroidery floss for the project and the needle that comes with the box.  To cover the back of my work (which is always a disaster) I cut a piece of cardstock to fit and popped it into the space (green in the above picture).

target cross stitch box firefly serenity jayne

All of this just reminds me that it’s been too long since I binge watched some Firefly.  Time for some laundry folding and Nathan Fillion, my friends!

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