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Quiet Book Sew Along Week 4

Okay, epic fail.  I missed not one, but two weeks.  The first week I had a really good excuse–I’d been up until 4am photographing this momentous occasion:

And the next week was the first week of school around here, and we were busy with all that goes along with it.  But I think we actually have two or three participants in the sew along now so it’s time to get serious!  I am going to modify the timeline and bump the construction date out into late October and set the check-ins to be every other week instead of weekly.  This is supposed to be fun, and it was feeling too much like work.

This week I completed two pages.  I’m a little disappointed in how my book is coming together.  In my head everything was way cuter.  For the doll I used the Flat Emelie tutorial from Moda.

I’m super disappointed that the size of the outfits didn’t work with my original clothesline page plan–I’d really wanted to have a tree that the clothesline was strung to, but the outfits are just too big (or page too small).  I bought the tiny clothespins at JoAnns in their wooden dollhouse accessories section.  I sewed them onto the page to keep them from getting lost, but did attach a couple of loose pins to the basket for extra fun.  Luckily it was a big bag, so Ellie can lose a few and we’ll be okay.

When I planned out the book I envisioned all these cute little outfits with lots of details, but I’m a little burnt out so I did very basic clothing.  I figure I can do up some super cute outfits as a birthday present or separate Christmas gift.

Amanda - The little girl and her clothes are adorable…and the clothesline and laundry basket – to cute!

Liz’s quiet book has been neglected as of late also…hope to get back to it soon to have something new to share! The relaxed schedule for this is very nice…but still have to have them done for Christmas 🙂 !

Alli - Not having had access to the images in your head, I think these pages turned out great! The tiny clothespins were a great idea, and the clothesline looks fine with two outfits hung up. The basket for the extras is brilliant, too! 🙂

Nicci P - You are too hard on yourself! This is looking soooo cute. What about doing a two-page spread to extend the clothesline & attach it to the tree you wanted to incorporate. Or, could you do a foldout page, like they do in wide ads in magazines, to extend it to three pages if it didn’t make things too thick.

Deanna - I just found your blog! I’d love to make a Quiet Book for my daughter whose 14 months right now. Maybe as a 2nd birthday gift. I can’t wait to see how your book turns out! PS: your Pinterest Quiet Book ideas are great too!

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