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tablecloths and my favorite mugs

My productivity has slowed to a dreary trickle this week, because I’ve been going to bed at 8pm.  I realized that in my week of doing this I lost 28 hours of sewing/productive time!  On the other hand, I gained over an entire day of sleep in just a single week, so no wonder I have been able to dodge the cold that has taken down the rest of my family!

Last week was ‘kitchen’ week.  I’ve had this Nicey Jane fabric for over 6 months, and making some tablecloths to match my revamped chairs has long been on my list.  I was holding off until I got a serger…and then I was holding off until I felt inspired to work with spring colors…and then I was holding off until I felt like doing something really mindless…and finally I did it just to check them off my list.

I’m not in love with them, but they are done and the fabric is being useful!

I was going to make a patchwork version, but didn’t end up with enough scraps, and decided it was too much work for a tablecloth, anyway.  I’ve been using the scraps on towels and potholders that I will share later!

Since this is kind of boring, I’ll also share my three current favorite mugs (I have a weird thing about mugs).  For Easter we had hot chocolate with peeps and I took a few pictures:

This is my jadeite mug that I got at an antique mall last month.

I got this rad one off Etsy a year or two ago (and gave my sister one that reverses–it says team edward on the front and team jacob on the back in case she’s feeling a little undecided.  Sadly there is no Team Emmett mug.  [the book emmett, not the movie emmett.])

This one had to come home with me from Barnes and Noble it’s both retro AND has a rooster.

(PS–I like that in my head posting about mugs makes this LESS boring.)  😛

Mary - Rugless mugs? The horror!!! My fave mug is Lucy van pelt in her psychiatrist booth. Perfect for the times I feel like the only sane person around (which conveniently enough is when I’m needing some caffeine.

Susanne - I love your Team Edward mug : D

Miya - I also have a “thing” with mugs. My favorite one is one that my mother brought me from Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. It’s oversized and fits into my hands perfectly.

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